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Charles Kerins

Advertising Illustrations

"Ads are the cave art of the twentieth century." ~ Marshall McLuhan

These images are from the 1950s and 1960s, a time when the prejudices of America dictated the nationally distributed imagery be white, all white. This was largely because of the entrenched segregation in the American South. On the three occasions that Charles Kerins submitted artwork with racially mixed subjects, the artwork was rejected, and he was directed. by the client, to redo it with all white people. 


William Barry Jackets Ad by Charles Kerins

 William Barry Jackets Advertisement

This is one of a series of Ads for William Barry Jackets. The campaign featured Dick Murphy, Chuck (Mark) Goddard,  Bubby Turner, Ross Jones, Martha Mooney, Elaine Murphy, Leslie Kerins, and other local kids of Scituate, MA. Goddard appeared in all the Ads of the campaing whose signature line was line was "Ma, he's got my Jacket!" 

William Barry Jackets Ad Detail by Charles Kerins

Closeup detail from the above William Barry Jackets Ad 




Hoods Dairy Billboard Ad by Charles Kerins



Hood Dairy Billboard Ad

This a black and white reproduction of a full color Billboard, we do not have an image in full color at this time. This is one of several Billboards done for Hood's Dairy by Charles Kerins. He also created many magazine Ads for Hood Dairy and the iconic soda, Moxie.  This painting was named one of the Top 100 Illustrations of 1956 by Chicago Art Directors Club.


Rock of Ages Ad Cub Scout by Charles Kerins, a Rockwell companion piece

 Rock of Ages Ad

This Cub Scout at his father's grave painting was commisioned by Rock of Ages as a companion piece for a Norman Rockwell painting of a young girl at a grave. The original painting is in Rock of Ages Collection, and is on permanent display at their Corporate headquarters in Vermont.  Charles Kerins created a number of Ads for Rock of Ages.


Schraffts Ad by Charles Kerins

Billboard for Schraffts Chocolates

This Ad features Mary Tirrell, a neighbor, as the embodyment of a respectable, secure,  affluent, senior citizen whose family never forgets her on those important days.   


Telephone Company Ad by Charles Kerins

Telephone Company Ad

This Illustration was done as part of a series of Ad for the Telephone Company.  This illustrated that no matter what, your telephone operator would be there to help you. 



 Vintage Classic Bentley Automobile by Charles Kerins

 Vintage Classic Bentley

this Illustration belongs to the Charles Kerins' Grandson.

Magazines of the 1950s and 1960s were filled with a wide variety of Illustrations and short stories.  Products were featured in Ads that depicted an idealized version of everyday reality in America.  It was a time of belief in the future and the ever increasing prosperity and security of America. Small town life with Dad, Mom, kids and a dog was the American ideal. At the time, Advertisers insisted that artists create Ads that reinforced this image of post World War II America. Racial and ethnic minorities were seldom, if ever, depicted, nor were single Mothers or blended families. The most successful artists were those who had the ability to design and paint effective images that reinforced the stereotypes that the client wanted to have represent their products and their company.  It was both a fiction and a reality.

More Ads will be posted soon, including; Moxie, Duran Chocolates, the Telephone Company, Milton Bradley, Dennison,  Hood's, William Barry, Converse, the Red Sox and many others. 


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