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Charles Kerins circa 1945

Charles M Kerins circa 1945

    We are collecting images of Charles Kerins Portraits, but only gave a few of the hundreds of portraits painted between 1940 and 1988.  If you have a Kerins portrait we would really appeciate it if you could send us a photograph of it. Below are some images we do have.

   Portraits in Oils also comprise much of Charles Kerins body of work, but there are also pencil portraits and charcoals.  Many of the Oil Portraits are in University, Hospital and Institutional collections. Many more portaits are priivately owned by individuals and are not available for viewing by the public. We are endeavoring to track down these portraits.  



Naval CPO Aviator www.1945 by Charles Kerins  . . .   

Naval Aviator www. CPO                                         www.Vet  Arthur Carr Wiegand


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Richard Cardinal Cushing by Charles Kerins           President John F. Kennedy Portrait by Charles Kerins

                Cardinal Cushing                       President John F. Kennedy


Bassil Fitzgerald Portrait by Charles Kerins              Fr. Corr Portrait by Charles Kerins

Bassil Fitzgerald                                       Fr. John T. Corr  CSC

 Fr Sullivan Portrait by Charles Kerins                    Portrait by Charles Kerins

  Fr. Richard H. Sullivan  CSC                   Fr. George P. Benaglia  CSC

 Fr. Sheehan Portrait by Charles Kerins                      Portrait by Charles Kerins 

Fr. James J. Sheehan  CSC                         Fr. Francis J. Boland  CSC

  Cardinal O'Hara Portrait by Charles Kerins                      Portrait by Charles Kerins    

                    Cardinal O'Hara                                Congressman Joseph W. Martin Jr.    

The ten Portraits above are part of the Stonehill College Collection.

The portraits are all 3/4 life size or life size, and were painted in oils at the artist's Scituate, MA studio.  Some were painted from life, others were painted from photo references.   Soon each of the portraits will have a page with a larger view and detailed  closeups.

Abby Willowroot (Laura) as a child by Charles Kerins

Laura - detail from an unfinished portrait

A better image of this portrait will be posted soon.

        Portraits were painted at the artist's studio in Scituate, MA.  His studio featured a two story floor to ceiling wall of window on the north side, covering the entire wall, this gave Kerins full natural light to paint by. The plans for the studio were lent to him by Norman Rockwell, an artist he greatly admired.   A large original pencil drawing by Rockwell hung on the west wall,  and a large print of John Singer Sargent's Oyster Gatherers hung on the east wall, above the large stone fireplace.  The studio was set amidst large, old trees and gentle granite ledges, overlooking a salt marsh, it was a perfect place to paint.  A portrait Kerins painted of John Singer Sargent greeted guest to Charles Kerins' home.

If you have, or know the whereabouts of a Kerins Portrait, please contact us.


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