Charles Kerins

JFK Portrait

President Kennedy Portrait by Charles Kerins

President John F. Kennedy Portrait commissioned by Stonehill College

This 3/4 life size  Oil portrait was a labor of love for Charles Kerins, he was a great admirer of President Kennedy,  Kerins and Kennedy knew each other as young men in Brookline, MA.

Below are close-up detyail of the portrait. These details of the painting are in 96dpi for the web, so they lose a lot of detail, but this gives an idea of the quality and intensity of this fine oil portrait by Charles Kerins.  The images do not do justice to vibrancy and intensity of the painting.

 Artist's signature has been added to detail views for the web.


President Kennedy Portrait dedication Charles Kerins with Senator Ted Kennedy

Charles M. Kerins and Senator Edward M. Kennedy at dedication of JFK portrait 1964

The portrait was dedicated in a ceremony at Stonehill College in North Easton, MA. Senator Kennedy was also presented with an honorary degree from the college.


Detail of President Kennedy Portrait by Charles Kerins



Detail of President Kennedy Portrait by Charles Kerins



Detail of President Kennedy Portrait by Charles Kerins


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